Welsh revive veal business

21 February 2000

Welsh revive veal business

By FWi staff

WELSH farmers are reviving the controversial veal trade, but in an animal-welfare friendly format.

Animals will be reared in custom-made sheds, slaughtered and then sold to the Continent, under the Welsh Development Agency project.

Since the end of the calf processing scheme, many male calves have become worthless and have been shot at birth.

Producers hope the new scheme will put some value on these animals.

Animals will be housed in a converted shed which is straw-bedded and includes brushes where animals can rub themselves, and even a football hanging from the ceiling for them to play with.

Calf dealer Tony Clifton told the Radio 4 Farming Today programme that a European customer had been found.

The calves will be processed in Wales and the meat exported to Europe.

Producers point out that the calves are not being housed in crates as they were previously.

They argue that their venture is preferable to shooting one-day-old calves.

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