Welsh see rise in membership

8 May 1998

Welsh see rise in membership

FARM Assured Welfare Livestock is run along similar lines to FABBL, although farms are audited by a vet.

FAWL has noticed a dramatic rise in membership over the past three months, with inquiries averaging about 15 a week.

Main areas covered during an on-farm audit are:

lOrigin of stock.

lHusbandry and welfare

lFeed composition and storage.

lHousing and handling facilities

lMedicines and vet treatments.

lMovements and medicines book.

"What we want is the same quality standards operating on farms throughout the UK. It is in the interests of all three regional schemes to have the same protocol," says FAWLs Moss Jones.

"And FAWL certainly welcomes a system which is able to guarantee the full integrity of the food chain. We, therefore, wish ABM well. It is necessary to have a system in place which makes the consumer more confident in eating meat so it is important every element of the food chain operates to the highest standard possible."


&#8226 Membership: 3700.

&#8226 Subscription: £60 + VAT.

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