Westfalia takes Surge

7 May 1999

Tough crimpers match combine

By Andy Collings

NEW robust Korte crimpers capable of handling up to 20t to 40t an hour are now available from Somerset based SAS Kelvin Cave.

The Finnish machines have been introduced following requests from farmers and contractors needing a crimper capable of keeping up with the outputs of modern combines.

"With a higher capacity, the new crimpers are able to process grain out in the field eliminating handling and the risk of contamination between farm and field," says managing director Kelvin Cave.

Design improvements allowing the higher appetite include; tougher hardened steel interchangeable cassette rollers for thorough grain and maize processing and gears instead of belt drive to cater for higher torque requirements.

The new additions which brings the number of models in the range to six, include two-wheeled versions and four smaller tractor mounted models capable of processing 7t an hour.

"With home grown cereal prices as low as they are, this system allows farmers to make more efficient use of their own crops which must be a bonus," emphasises Mr Cave. "Crimping allows dairy and stock farmers to harvest three or four weeks before ripening at moisture contents up to 30%."

Harvesting at this earlier date when the crop is still green, he believes, will fall into line along with silage making so the processed crop can be filled into the clamp along with grass or maize.

In 1998, SAS Kelvin Cave sold 32 machines, but with the introduction of the new higher capacity machines aimed at the contractor and larger scale farmer a minimum 40 units is predicted for 1999.

ATVpower wrapper

WELGER claims that ATV power is sufficient to operate its latest bale wrapping unit – the FG 1600. Bales are lifted on to the pivoting wrapping table by two clamp arms before a single arm-mounted wrapping unit rotates around it. A petrol engine provides the necessary hydraulic power.

But operators should note that, with a capability of handling silage bales weighing up to 1000kg, the combined weight of the wrapper and bale is likely to exceed the HSEs towing recommendations for ATVs.*

For this reason, Welger says that bales should only be wrapped when the machine is stationary and the unit should not used to transport bales.

* The HSE towing ratio is that the weight of a towed trailer should not exceed four times the weight of the unladen ATV. The trailer unit must have brakes and used only on level surfaces. Torque weight – the weight on the ATVs drawbar – should not exceed 10% of gross trailer weight or be more than 50kg.

Welger says its trailed FG 1600 bale wrapping unit can be operated behind an ATV.

Westfalia takes Surge

MILKING machine manufacturer, Westfalia has expanded once more.

Following hard on the heels of the companys acquisition of Illinois-based Babson Bros – and, more recently that of the French Hugonnet Group, is the takeover of Surge – reputed to be the worlds third largest milking technology manufacturer.

According to managing director Mike Morling, Westfalia will benefit from the Surge expertise in cleaning and animal hygiene, while the core activity of Babson Bros – the sales of installations for large dairies – will further enhance company profile.

A 4m version of Kuhn Farm Machinerys Alterna centre pivot mower conditioner is now available. As with the existing 5m, Alterna 500 model, the centrally pivoting drawbar switches hydraulically to allow left and right hand mowing. Kuhn has also developed a retro-fit swath reduction device for the 500 which has the potential to reduce swath width to 1.9m. Price of the Alterna 400 is £18,705.

Grass topping takes on a new dimension with Tri-Ags TM40 trailed rotary cutter. Designed to be operated behind an ATV, the 1m (39in) wide cutting unit is powered by either an 8.5hp Honda GXV 270 or a 9hp Kawasaki FC290V engine. Height of cut is adjustable from 2cm to 18cm (0.75in to 7in). Price is £1650.

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