Wet holds up work

28 April 2000

Wet holds up work

TERRIBLE – that is how contractors up and down the country describe the past 10 days wet weather, with rain bringing many operations to a standstill.

According to the Met Office even before the Easter weekend April rainfall records had been broken in some southern and eastern parts of the country. And many people saw the rain continue this week.

Cumbrian contractor Kevin Horsley said the bad weather had brought things to a halt.

"Its terrible. We are still trying to finish spring drilling and have the maize to do. And if it carries on much longer we are going to be running into the silage," he said.

He added that once the weather did finally clear the firm would probably have to take on more staff to help get things done.

Cornish view

Down in Cornwall contractor Graham Couch of Bodwen Farm, near Bodmin, said things had probably slipped by a fortnight. "We have done no maize yet and we have usually finished all that by the start of May."

Sussex contractors Elliot &Hayward snatch a chance to drill maize.

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