What agents are saying

12 May 2000

What agents are saying

"ARABLE or commercial farms may stick if the locals are not interested. A tiered market is very evident, driven by location and residential quality," James Brooke, Bidwells.

"The advent of the FBT and contract farming agreement appear to be preventing a slide in land prices, with many smaller and less viable operations taking such an option," Tom White, Brown & Co.

"The absence of neighbouring farmers looking to expand can cause serious difficulties in bare land disposals, particularly of areas more than 100 acres," Edward Briggs, Faulkners.

"The price decreases predicted by many commentators are unlikely unless and until volume increases dramatically," David Knowles, Carver Knowles.

"We are starting to see substantial variations in the value of bare land depending upon immediate local demand," Hugh Fell, George F White.

"Good results at, or prior to, public auction flag up the signals of continuing strength in the market," Colin Hosmer, Hobbs Parker.

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