What the papers say – Eco-warriors

06 July 1998

  • What the papers say – Eco-warriors

    ROYAL SHOW organisers were tipped off that a genetically modified (GM) wheat display at their Warwickshire showground had become a target for eco-warriors after demonstrators set about damaging other GM crops in Oxfordshire over the weekend.

    The wheat is an Australian variety that contains extra gluten genes to make it more suitable for British bakers, says the Daily Telegraph

    Meanwhile, The Times reports that Monsanto is considering prosecuting militants from the Genetix Snowball group who tore up its trial 200 oilseed rape plants at the weekend, at Watlington, Oxfordshire.

    Biotechnology companies are pressurising the government to keep secret the locations of experiments with GM crops in the light of extremist attacks, says The Independent. The government publishes the precise map location of the sites which are often on privately-owned farms.

    And a feature in The Guardians G2 section looks at Monsantos £1m advertising campaign which will run in the weekend supplements every week for the next three months.

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