Wheat-blossom midge warning

13 June 2001

Wheat-blossom midge warning

By Charles Abel

WHEAT-BLOSSOM midge hatch is set to continue apace after recent rains, warns insecticide supplier Dow AgroSciences.

The wet weather will have stimulated the development of adult midges, and sampling suggests pest levels are almost three times higher than last year.

Adults have been emerging at crop-damaging levels earlier this week from Lincolnshire to Kent and across to Wiltshire, says the company.

Peak activity in these areas is expected on Friday (15 June), and in other parts of the country the peak may be up to two weeks later.

Crops should be treated if adult midges exceed threshold levels when ears are emerged, says Dow.

Threshold levels are one midge/six ears for seed and milling crops and one per three ears for feed.

To aid decision making, Dalgety has developed the free Midge computer program with Dow AgroSciences.


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