Wheat quality better north

4 September 2001

Wheat quality better north

Dalgetys Darrell Yarwood reports variable wheat yields in the north and Scotland. Wheat quality is better further north.

“Rain and warm weather at the end of July did not affect wheat crops adversely in the far north as they were not ripe. In Yorkshire it came at exactly the wrong time.”

“The quality looks good in Scotland.”

In some areas of Yorkshire they have finished harvest, in the Wolds they have done 50% of the wheat and further north and the Borders 10%. He says yields are variable in all areas, reflecting the difficulties in winter conditions and soil type.

“Yields are down from 1t/acre to just small percentages. We dont know the full picture yet.”

“Conditions at the moment are good. Cool, sunny and bright- perfect combining weather.” This week farmers have got on well, combining between 15-20% moisture.

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