White Stuff campaign adds consumers

8 June 2001

White Stuff campaign adds consumers

MILK consumption has increased by 33m litres since last June, which the Dairy Council claims is due to the recent generic advertising campaign.

The £9m promotion, funded by producers and processors, is going from strength to strength, says a council spokesperson.

"At this extremely difficult time, it is reassuring that the campaign has boosted numbers of milk drinkers. Market research shows the decline in milk sales would have been much greater had this not gone ahead."

To assess the impact on consumers, a series of eight milk-drinking groups of adults in London, Glasgow and Cardiff were asked to discuss the campaign. They concluded that milk is turning from a commodity into a brand with confidence and vigour.

"Another burst of advertising is planned for this summer, starting in June. This will be a repeat of last years campaign including a new radio advert," says the spokesperson.

The TV ads feature animated versions of Rolf Harris, Chris Eubank and Prince Naseem Hamed, all asking: "The white stuff – are you made of it?"

But there are mixed views across the industry for the campaign, according to Express Dairies chief executive, Neil Davidson.

Some are totally opposed to the idea of advertising milk and there are others who are more enthusiastic, but not pleased in the way it has been executed. "I am in favour of the campaign because it is essential that we increase consumer awareness of milk," says Mr Davidson. "It has a good simple message which is targeting milk drinkers."

But Andrew Howard, of Beechdean Dairies, believes the campaign should be linked with the promotion of dairy products. "This could be achieved by adding the label made from the white stuff." &#42


&#8226 Greater milk consumption.

&#8226 Mixed support.

&#8226 Dairy product inclusion?

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