White Stuff fight

29 March 2002

White Stuff fight

EUROPEAN funding is being sought in an attempt to continue the White Stuff milk campaign, following the Dairy Industry Federations decision to withdraw match funding.

MDC chairman Brian Peacock says it has been examining different avenues to advance the good work of the campaign so far. "Money from Europe would help joint fund another high profiled campaign, with MDC match funding European funds 50/50."

MDC is, therefore, supporting an application by the Dairy Council for EU funds and it hopes the European Commission will be verifying awards from October this year.

New campaign funding would be used to promote the wider health benefits of drinking milk. .

Meanwhile the MDC will continue to promote the White Stuff campaign message through the School Milk Bar Scheme. &#42

and it will explore other possible opportunities that will enable the White Stuff campaign to grow in strength.

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