7 June 2002


A BEAUTIFUL spring day in mid-April set the scene for the annual get together of two of our Yorkshire groups. Orchestrated by Eileen House-man, contact leader of the Boroughbridge group, a great time was had by almost 100 members.

There was a raffle and Eileen won a prize – a sweet little ruby brooch in the shape of a bee, just right for her to wear at her forthcoming Ruby wedding day. The contributions for lunch were fit for a wedding buffet and I am hoping the recipes for all the amazing desserts will be printed in the next FWC magazine.

I only realised on my way out of the hall at Wixley that we had missed using the bell on the wall to call order at this friendly meeting full of chatter and laughter – it would have helped tremendously!

After lunch we were entertained by three delightful ladies called Friends in Harmony. They sang some great songs filled with humour and they were harmonious too. As usual my visit was all too brief but its good to know that one of the biggest counties in the country has no less than six FWC groups – far be it from me to revive the War of the Roses but it is sad that Lancashire lasses have to cross the border to join the club.

If you are interested in joining a club that will guarantee you fun and friendship get in touch today – we are only a phone call away.

Jean Howells

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