Wider audience for local produce

7 June 2002

Wider audience for local produce

livestock producers in Kent are being encouraged to sign up to a new initiative that will see a local butchers chain encourage customers to buy locally produced meat.

JC Rook and Sons has agreed to sell meat from animals reared in Kent through its 13 shops across the county. The deal also involves Guildford-based Chitty Food Group which has agreed that all local meat producers using their slaughtering facilities must sign up to Kent County Councils Produced in Kent criteria.

Alex King, the councils cabinet member for regeneration, is convinced the scheme will be good news for Kents livestock farmers.

"The county council wants to encourage people to buy more and more Kentish produce. This way everyone wins – customers get local products, while the market for Kent goods expands."

The Produced in Kent initiative, developed by Kentish Fare in conjunction with Kent County Council, aims to raise the profile of local goods produced in Kent and to secure the future of the regions food and drink producers. &#42

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