Willow the answer to EU aid cut?

12 March 1999

Willow the answer to EU aid cut?

EXPECTED cuts in EU support for cereals and oilseeds have prompted farmers co-op Aberdeen Grain to encourage members to grow short-rotation willow coppice.

“With prices for cereals and rapeseed already depressed, and with little room for optimism, we were determined not to sit around waiting for things to get worse but to look for alternative sources of income for our 120 members,” managing director, Glyn Whitehead, told a meeting of co-op members on Wednesday.

Chairman John Don said the crop was easy to grow, was eligible for EU aid outside the farm policy, and could command a 15-year index-linked contract.

A public meeting on the project is planned for next week (17 March) at Thainstone, Inverurie.

  • Aberdeen Grain into biomass power, FWi, 11 March, 1999

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