WIN £450

16 November 2001

WIN £450

ARE young people turning their backs on the land, or are they as determined as ever to follow a farming career?

Everyone has a theory on this subject, but farmers weekly wants to separate the fact from the fiction.

We want our Next Generation Survey to be the biggest ever into the work and career plans of young people in the countryside. Taking part is a great chance to have your voice heard, win some cash and help arm us with the information we need to fight on your behalf.

So, if you are between 16 and 30 and have at least one parent working in agriculture, an ancillary industry or any other rural-related occupation, please spend a few minutes taking part.

You can fill out the simple questionnaire which appeared in Farmlife on Oct 26, complete it on our web-site ( or ring 020-8652 4928 and we will send you a form.

Remember, you could win a share of £450 prize money and, rest assured, farmers weekly will use the results to fight for a better future for our next generation.

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