26 April 2002



Theres a chance to win an Amazone fertiliser spreader, 25t of Kemira after-cut fertiliser

or a fertiliser plan in the Kemira/farmers weekly/Grassland 2002 competition. Just read

the text, answer the question and fill in the coupon that will appear in the May 17 issue

or enter via or or

THE amount of sulphur in UK soils has declined dramatically over the last ten years, making sulphur deficiency an increasingly common problem. Kemira has a comprehensive range of sulphur-containing fertilisers for grassland farmers, produced at its Cheshire site. These are based on sound independent research and are formulated to provide your grass crops with the sulphur they used to get from deposition from the atmosphere – but no more. So there isnt the wastage there can be with fertilisers that contain large amounts of sulphur, like ammonium sulphate.

Sulphur increases the efficiency of nitrogen use by plants and so improves grass yield and quality as well as preventing nitrate losses to the environment.

Three years of Kemira-commissioned research at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER) and subsequent Kemira farm demonstrations have shown that:

&#8226 Sulphur deficiency limits yield and quality, and results in increased nitrogen losses.

&#8226 Sulphur-containing fertilisers can improve yields of grazed and cut grass.

&#8226 Sulphur-containing fertiliser improves grass protein and sugar contents, leading to more palatable grazed grass and silage. This can mean higher milk yields and growth rates and cost savings on bought-in feeds.

&#8226 Sulphur-containing fertilisers used on light soils reduce nitrate leaching by an impressive 74% and keep peak nitrate loss comfortably below EC limits.

If your soils are sulphur-deficient, you need to do something about it. The best way of checking for sulphur deficiency is laboratory analysis of the growing crop, and Kemira can organise this for you. A nitrogen:sulphur (N:S) ratio of 13:1 or above indicates a sulphur deficiency.

Remember, if you are in any doubt, check your sulphur levels. It could save you money. Sulphur-containing fertilisers from Kemira – the grassland choice include: CropMaster – The all-season grazing fertiliser for sulphur-responsive areas (28.5.5+6SO3); Multicut Sulphur – The all-season silage fertiliser for sulphur-responsive areas (23.4.13+7SO3); Kayenne Sulphur – For high yields of second and third cuts in sulphur-responsive areas (25.0.13+7SO3).


First prize is an Amazone ZA-M noviS 2000 Comfort fertiliser spreader,

worth £3725.

Second prize is 25t of

a Kemira after-cut fertiliser worth £3000.

Third prize is a fertiliser plan worth £2000.


Where in the UK does Kemira

produce fertiliser?

A: Cumbria?

B: Cheshire?

C: Cornwall?

(Tick one)

Please keep a note of your answer and use it

to fill in the coupon that will appear in the

May 17 issue of farmers weekly


1. How do you win the spreader, 25t of fertiliser or whole-farm fertiliser plan? Just read the text on the competition page in the FW issues of April 26, May 3,10 and 17 and answer the question that appears in each of those issues. Then use your answer to fill in the coupon that will appear in

the May 17 issue.

2. The decision of the judges and the editor of farmers weekly will

be final. No correspondence

can be entered into.

3. The competition is open to all readers in the UK and Irish Republic, except for employees of Kemira and their families, employees of Reed Business Information and their families and employees of farmers weeklys printers.

4. Closing date for the

competition is May 31, 2002.

Please send your filled-in coupon to: FW/Kemira/Amazone Competition, farmers weekly, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5AS.

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