Wind turbines aid environment and save on bills

3 November 2000

Wind turbines aid environment and save on bills

NEED a way of reducing your electricity bills while contributing to a cleaner environment?

Durham-based Energex UK is now marketing a 20kW wind turbine designed to provide farms and rural businesses with a means of generating their own electricity.

Built by Gazelle Wind Turbines, based at Tyne & Wear, the turbine is claimed to generate the equivalent amount of electricity required by an average sized dairy farm.

Measuring 14.5m (48ft) high and equipped with three 5m (17ft) long blades, the turbine connects to the farms 3-phase electricity system.

In operation, any unused power generated can be sold back to the local electricity company.

When the turbine is out of action – no wind – power is imported from the local supplier as usual and during light winds, electricity can be supplied by both sources.

Energex UK claims electricity generated from the turbine offsets the cost of power bought in from a regular electricity supplier, typically 7p to 8p/kWh.

Requiring planning permission to erect, the Gazelle 20kW Wind Turbine costs £35,000 plus £5000 to £10,000 for installation. &#42

The Gazelle 20kW Wind Turbine is claimed to be capable of producing enough electricity required by an average size dairy farm.

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