Wiseman opens Midlands dairy

24 April 2001

Wiseman opens Midlands dairy

By FWI staff

WISEMAN Dairies has started processing milk at its new plant at Droitwich in the West Midlands, reports the Financial Times.

The newspaper claims that this is likely to increase overcapacity in the milk industry which has hit dairy company profit margins.

It is reported that Wiseman hopes it will get approval from supermarket customers to process some of their milk in the 35m dairy at Droitwich.

The company plans to switch the annual equivalent of 90m litres of milk from Wisemans Manchester dairy to Droitwich.

Finance director Billy Keane said this would take the company close to break-even at Droitwich, even though it has a 200m litre capacity.

This month Wiseman increased the price it pays to farmers by 2ppl,

On Monday the Milk Group announced a 1.8p rise in its standard litre price through higher butterfat and protein payments.


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