Wool board expects 40% price slump

09 June 1999

Wool board expects 40% price slump

THE British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) has warned sheep producers to expect a 40% cut in wool prices this year.

About 1,800 producers – mostly in England and Wales – will get a nominal payment of 2p per kilo.

Ian Hartley, managing director of the board, said the strong pound was at the root of the problem for UK producers.

He said one of the main problems was in shifting poorer quality wool from the hill sheep sector.

The board still has 4m kilos of wool from last season which was proving difficult to sell.

Scottish Blackface producers will receive prices of between 55p per kilo (for Blackface carpet white) to 31.3p (heavy cast).

But Blackface dark grey/black fleeces are valued at only 2p per kilo.

  • The Herald 09/06/99 page 23

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