Wrong hall but alls well…

11 July 1997

Wrong hall but alls well…

THE venue for the North Yorkshire, South Durham FWC meeting was written as Brompton village hall

I had an enjoyable walk there on a perfect summers evening and for once was early. I was happy to sit on the seat outside and watch the swallows nesting in the eaves opposite but by 7.35pm thought it odd nobody had turned up. I asked two passing youths if there was another hall. Yes, was the reply – the church hall – down the other end of the village.

A short walk down the main street and I was happily met by Joyce Brass and Pam Fryer who had been told by the boys there was a strange woman waiting outside the village hall.

The speaker for the evening was Graeme Aldous probably better known as Nell the sheepdogs man. He talked us through the making of the films of his dog, Nell showing the North Yorkshire National Park and the heritage coastline from Saltburn to Scarborough via Whitby.

The highlight of the evening was the appearance of Nell who the members were thrilled to be able to pat on her tour of the hall.

Jean Howells

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