YFCevent is off

22 October 1999

YFCevent is off

FARMINGS ongoing crisis has forced the Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs to cancel its three-day national conference, due to begin in Inverness this weekend.

Fiona Bain, SAYFC national secretary, said: "It is a sign of the times and the changing market. Young people simply cannot afford the time or the money."

The association decided early this week to abandon the conference. Ms Bain told farmers weekly that fewer than 30 members had registered for the event, compared with 85 who attended last year. To break even, at least 60 delegates would have been needed.

Ms Bain believed there were several reasons for the lack of interest.

"People can no longer get time off so easily to go away for three days. And there is undoubtedly a financial aspect, too."

The 4,000 SAYFC members will, however, still be offered the chance of a big get-together, with the association determined to continue to run its three regional weekend conferences early in the New Year.

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