Yield for potatoes expected to be down

07 August 1998

Yield for potatoes expected to be down

UK potato yield estimates reveal this years harvest is likely to be 3 t/hectare down on last year at 37 tonnes, according to the British Potato Council.

The overall average yield varies from 20 t/ha to 55 tonnes. Average yield for early crops this year was 28.8 tonnes, compared with 32.7 tonnes last year. But the average price for early potatoes is currently £151/ t, more than double last year.

The latest report from the Council indicates that the cold, wet summer and heavy use of sprays to control blight infection will reduce overall yields. While blight, blackleg, growth cracking and greening will probably cause storage problems over winter.

  • The Scotsman 07/08/98 page 28

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