Yields promising in OSRlist trials

9 August 2002

Yields promising in OSRlist trials

WITH six more RL trial results in since last week, winter oilseed rape yields are looking even better than first thought, says Simon Kightley of NIAB.

"The average yield is 4.63t/ha, which is 0.65t higher than the previous 4-year average. Most commercial varieties across a range of sites have done well."

Winner continues to lead the conventional varieties at 106% of control varieties seed yield. But top candidate hybrid Borneo has edged ahead of the pack with a mean seed yield of 112%.

"It was considered for recommendation last year but didnt quite make it. In the light of these results, we may well take another look at it," he says.

"Conventionals Recital and Tequila are also looking good at 103 and 102 respectively. They are holding their own against the middle ranked hybrids."

Top current Recommended List hybrid Royals performance has been matched by candidate hybrid Toccata at 108, he adds. &#42

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