Yorks park parking row

11 February 2000

Yorks park parking row

A HEATED row has erupted between sheep farmers in the North York Moors National Park and the park authority over a scheme to restrict car parking alongside a popular road.

The £40,000 scheme aims to prevent parking by creating a series of ditches and raised banks at regular intervals along the 13-mile long road that bisects the park.

Bill Breakwell, Tourism and Transport Officer for the national park, said: "Reducing the number of spaces for parking on this road will help us to meet traffic reduction targets which the government has asked all local authorities to achieve", he said. "We think the work will also help reduce the number and severity of accidents – including those involving sheep – because the visual narrowing of the road will help reduce traffic speed."

But the scheme has angered local flockmasters, who believe sheep casualties will increase if the works are not reversed.

A spokesman for the local parish council said he was angry not to have been consulted. "The ridges look terrible and are a ridiculous waste of money," he said.

"But most importantly they will be a menace for our flocks because lambs will want to go and play on them, so they are more likely to get separated from their mothers, and there will be even more of them lying dead by the side of the road." &#42

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