4 September 1998




INFLUENCED by the pressure on cereal margins and profitability on farms this year, one agrochemical manufacturer is offering growers the opportunity to win a new 4×4 vehicle as first prize in a competition.

Open to all cereal growers in the UK, Rhone-Poulenc Agriculture is offering farmers who purchase one of their DFF + IPU-based herbicides this year the chance to win a brand new Land Rover Defender 90 TDI.

Just like the Land Rover, the unique combination DFF + IPU has served UK growers reliably and cost effectively for many years. Ever popular with growers, last year UK farmers purchased sufficient DFF + IPU-based herbicides to treat 25% of the countrys cereal area.

This combination of active ingredients is relied on by farmers to cost-effectively control weeds and protect yields. Combining proven contact and residual activity, it is the cornerstone of weed management programmes on many farms.

With its wide application window in wheat and barley, from crop emergence right up to the second node detectable stage (GS32), DFF + IPU-based herbicides provide pre and post-emergence weed control for up to 3-4 months – making them very flexible to use and powerful right through into spring.

With their broad-spectrum of control, they are effective against the majority of broad-leaved weeds up the six true leaf stage. At the appropriate application rate they also control key grass weeds such as blackgrass, wild oats and annual meadow grass.

So by using one of the five DFF +IPU-based herbicides this year – Panther, Grenadier, Javelin, Javelin Gold or Tolkan Turbo, in addition to cost effective weed control, you could potentially be the owner of a brand new Land Rover 90 Defender 2.5 TDI loaded with extras.

In addition the 250 runners-up will receive a practical and rugged Land Rover watch and the first 500 eligible entrants will receive a hard-wearing Land Rover sports wallet.

All you have to do is fill in and return one of the competition entry forms available with FARMERS WEEKLY over the next few weeks. Just answer the simple questions, fill in a tie breaker and provide proof of purchase of one of the five DFF + IPU based products this year and your fortunes could move up a gear in 1999 as the owner of a brand new Land Rover.

Theres a chance to win a Land Rover in the

Rhone Poulenc/FW competition starting today

Above: Use your knowledge to win a new Land Rover Defender 90TDi (left) in the Rhone-Poulenc/FW competition.

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