Zimbabweans squat on whites farms

28 February 2000

Zimbabweans squat on whites’ farms

By FWi staff

SUPPORTERS of Zimbabwes president Robert Mugabes policy of land distribution are invading growing numbers of white-owned farms.

Squatters began moving on to the farms after Mr Mugabes government lost a referendum which would have given the go ahead to land reforms

BBC Online reports that around 15 farms now have squatters on them, ranging from small groups to several hundred.

Many observers believe the occupations are government-inspired.

After the referendum defeat, Mr Mugabe warned that if people wanted to vent their anger at the result they would occupy white-owned farms.

Police are reported to have allowed the squatters to remain, viewing the invasions as a political issue, not a law and order matter.

White farmer representatives in the Commercial Farmers Union say the agriculture sector faces anarchy if the invasions continue unchecked.

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