A round-up multi-tier systems

A range of companies offer multi-tier systems in a variety of styles to suit every laying operation, from moderate to large scale.

The range can be daunting, but Poultry World has gone through the different companies and the various styles to provide a run down of the multi-tier market.

All of the multi-tier setups covered here, unless specified, should be populated with aviary reared birds to take advantage of the multi-tier model and ensure birds understand where to find food and water. Each company provides a variety of ventilation, lighting and control systems as part of a build and distributors will be able to provide further details.



Product: RED-L System.

Style: Second-generation multi-tier aviary.

Features: One of the only systems to allow birds to be trained in the setup. Feeding and drinking available on all levels. Porch system and tree design to encourage natural behaviours. Self-cleaning nest pad.

Product: Bolegg Terrace.

Style: Multi-tier aviary.

Features: Integrated laying nests, perches, feeding and drinking lines. Easy nest and egg belt inspection. Feeding and drinking lines are easy to reach, meaning birds can be trained in the system. Can be placed in adjacent rows in the building.



Product: Comfort 2 INSIDE.

Style: Multi-tier aviary.

Features: Incorporates stairs between tiers to encourage birds to move between the levels in the row. Fly-on platforms have been replaced by foldable perches every 1.5m to allow birds to land on the aviary. Twin World slat open structure leads to less dirt and fewer spaces for parasites and is sloped to direct mislaid eggs into the tray. Also includes laying nests.

Product: Compact 2.

Style: Multi-tier aviary.

Features: Same basic setup as Comfort 2. Fly-on platforms can be mounted along the rows to make hen movements between rows easier. Up to three manure belts can be installed in the system. Comes with feeding, drinking and lighting systems as standard. Uses the Twin World slat.


Big Dutchman

Product: Natura Space.

Style: Multi-tier aviary.

Features: More usable floor space. Comes with manure belts and perches but no feeders or drinkers. Available in a range of widths.

Product: Natura Step.

Style: Multi-tier aviary.

Features: Nest has a balcony made from a metal grill and a tilting floor allowing dirt to fall through, creating a clean entrance. Rails on the nest act as a perch, helping to align the birds and prevent mislaid eggs. No perches outside the system, leading to less manure in the scratching area.

Product: Natura 2000/1500/2400.

Style: Multi-tier aviary.

Features: Large floor space with manure belts, perches, feeders and drinkers, but no nest. Birds need to move levels from the first day, essential to have aviary reared birds. Feeder, floor and nest space are on different floors. 2400 is a vertical system for stocking large numbers of birds.

Product: Natura Nova/2 Tier.

Style: Multi-level belt system.

Features: The feeder, drinkers, floor space and nest are on both levels. Less usable floor area supplied by the system compared to the house surface.



Product: Potters Multi-tier.

Style: Multi-tier aviary (Central nest).

Features: Tiers constructed close together to reduce flight distance and the risk of injury. Lighting is on all levels, minimising floor eggs. Central nest system so all eggs can be transported to the one point in the egg room. Access to birds is a priority, so plenty of space is provided for reaching the hens.

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