Aviagen appoint new director of operations

Breeding company Aviagen has promoted production executive Keith McCay to director of pedigree and great-grandparent operations.

Mr McCay has spent 18 years at Aviagen and has a BS degree in biology. Prior to joining the company he worked as broiler flock supervisor at Wayne Farms for four years.

In his new role Mr McCay will oversee all operational functions for the company’s breeding programmes, and the production of pedigree and GGP stock in both the US and the UK.

He is expected to focus on the improvement of stock quality and innovations in order to improve output and best of practice.

CEO Randall Ennis said: “With Keith’s experience, his knowledge of the breeding programme and his focus on operational excellence, he will bring a new dimension to our elite level breeding operations.

“He has been involved with operations at various levels for nearly two decades here at Aviagen and will work closely with R&D and the executive board to incorporate unique and exciting technology into the existing programme.”

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