Award winning products from SPACE 2010

At the recent SPACE 2010 livestock show, France’s premiere agricultural show attracting 110,000 visitors and 1300 exhibitors, only a select few took home the coveted Innov’ SPACE award for innovative new products. Poultry World visited the show and quizzed the winners compiling a list of the best new products in poultry.

Product: Twin Clean Line

Company: Lubing International

Awards: Innov’ SPACE two star

Availability: First half of 2011

The Twin Clean Line from Lubing International aims, through streamlined surfaces and a continuous flow pumping system, to reduce the amount of algae and bacteria building up in poultry drinkers. On the outside the system is constructed using streamlined steel, without crevices where dirt or bacteria can build up. Inside a water line leads from the pump along the length of the system, supplying the nipples with water, and then back to the pump creating a continuous flow of water. This flow means water never stagnates in the piping, inhibiting the growth of algae or bacteria. The drinking nipples have been designed with smooth internal working parts which offer little space for bacteria and algae to build up and are resistant to corrosion.

Product: RONOzyme ProAct

Company: DSM Nutritional Products France

Awards: Innov’ SPACE two stars

Availability: Approved by EFSA for broilers, approval expected soon for layers.

RONOzyme ProAct is a new feed additive which increases the efficiently of a chicken’s gut in digesting protein by on average 4% above unassisted digestion. The enzyme is most effective in assisting the chicken’s gut digest protein from soya meal, wheat and corn. The enzyme can return a reduced feed bill as more protein is digested and used in the birds’ metabolism meaning less waste being excreted and therefore less ammonia coming from the manure.


Product: Avilight

Company: Sodalec

Awards: Innov’ SPACE one star

Availability: Soon to be available outside France.

One of a new breed of 100% LED (light emitting diode) lighting systems which are becoming available to replace energy intensive older incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lights. Apart from using about 40% less electricity the lights last much longer, for around 50,000 hours, compared to around 3000 hours for traditional lighting systems. One of the most intriguing functions of the Avilight is its ability to radiate white and blue light. Blue light is invisible to chickens, making entering the shed for maintenance, disease treatment or catching birds a stress-free experience for animals and farmers alike.


Product: Twin Avinnovo

Company: ID Projects Avinnovo

Awards: Innov’ SPACE one star

Availability: Became available in January. Now sold in France, Belgium and Libya.

PROJECT_TWIN-1The Twin Avinnovo is a new compact and high speed machine for detecting dead eggs from live and unfertilized ones in the hatchery environment. It operates using a high tech camera to conduct the candling without the use of a powerful light beam. A matrix of sensors makes 1200 surface measurements on the egg ensuring it is undamaged and of high quality. Also the flow of eggs doesn’t stop as they proceed through the machine with the only contact occurring if eggs are being removed. It has a capacity of 75,000 eggs per hour, yet is only 2m long and 1.2m wide.


Product: Larvicide Kit

Company: Ocene

Awards: Innov’ SPACE one star

Availability: Now available from Ocene.

A sprayer system which attaches onto a manure conveyor belt and treats manure with a larvicide as it leaves the shed and moves into storage. The goal is to remove a step in the life-cycle of flies, killing the larvae before they become mature flies, reducing the number of flies on farm.

Product: General Alert

Company: Synthese Elevage

Awards: Innov’ SPACE one star

Availability: Soon to be available outside France

GENERAL-ALERTSMS-based shed monitoring system which can make contact even if mains electrical power is interrupted or telephones lines are cut. It works by making contact via SMS with the company’s website which then forwards a text message to the phones of a predetermined list of contacts. Contacts can then send return messages instructing the unit to do a variety of things, such as change flow rates, open or close a door or turn fans up or down.

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