BEIS outlines marketing plans

The British Egg Information Service (BEIS) will be encouraging consumers to make a “main meal in minutes” in this year’s marketing campaign.

Over £1m will be spent to raise the profile and promote consumption.

The focus will be encouraging consumers to use eggs as the main ingredient of a meal. It will also take a roadshow across the UK with American chef Howard Helmer, an ambassador for omelettes, as part of British Egg Week.

Amanda Cryer, director of the BEIS, told Poultry World that campaigns were based on research into the market: “We need to decide which message is going to be most effective, and focus on that.”

Ms Cryer said that generally consumers had a positive impression of eggs, which was behind the 5.2% increase in retail sales in 2012. When asked how the BEIS could improve its message, the general response was that people wanted new cooking ideas.

As such, the “main meal in minutes” campaign will feature recipes that use eggs as the main ingredient. Celebrity chef Mark Sargent and Atomic Kitten star Liz McClarnon will front the campaign and have created a number of bespoke dishes.

The BEIS aims to spread the recipes as widely as possible. One key part is getting egg dishes to the top of Google searches, as well as adding them to its existing “eggrecipes” website.

Research also shows that there is “still a job to do” to promote the nutritional benefits of eggs. Over 50% of consumers surveyed still believe you should not eat more than five eggs a week.

As such, “The Good Egg” scheme will target health professionals and nutrition experts, to spread the updated nutritional profile of eggs. One particular focus will be to change the perception that pregnant women and young children should avoid eating eggs.

The BEIS will also be launching a targeted programme to boost sales in the foodservice sector – a key area for improving British Lion eggs’ market share.

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