Brits fail to smash Dutch egg throwing record

Specially labelled eggs supplied by The Lakes Free Range Egg Company have been used in an attempt to crack the world record for raw egg throwing. The current record is 72 metres, held by a Dutch pair.

The competition was held at Penrith Rugby Union Football Club as part of a fundraising event and used eggs which were printed with the club name and the egg brand “Laid With Love”.

The best attempt by children was 31.4 metres, from Dylan McLellan aged 11 and Danny Hall aged 10. The club teams and coaches battled for the longest throw. Although Kris Bratton and Will Morgan came the closest to poaching the record from the Dutch, they fell short at 61.7 metres

“Next time, with practice, we will beat the Dutch.”
Spike Johnson

Organiser of the event Spike Johnson said: “Next time, with practice, we will beat the Dutch.

This year’s competition was quite last minute and we managed to raise almost £300, but next year we will be better prepared and hope to have other local rugby clubs interested in taking part.”

Mark Gaskin, managing director for The Lakes Free Range Egg Company, said: “It may not be an Olympic sport, but it was a good way to see who had the ability to throw a great distance and who knows, Dylan and Danny, two boys who threw a massive 31.4 metres, may yet be javelin or discus throwers in the 2016 Olympics.”

Egg throwing competition