Broiler breeder Cobb Europe launches awards scheme

Broiler breeding company Cobb Europe has launched an award for producers in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

The award is aimed at individual farmers and companies whose chick numbers, hatchability or broiler performance put them in the best three performing flocks within the region.

Tore Mercan sales and technical director for Cobb Europe said: “The new Cobb Champion award will recognise and reward performance and encourage others to achieve.”

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Award winners are presented with a decorative plaque and a crystal trophy, together with a range of exclusive Cobb branded items.


The inaugural Cobb Europe Champion winners are:

Breeder performance

Cobb awards

Nigel Wittrick (left) of Wickham Skeith farm receives his award from Tom Proctor

  • Eagle’s Pride Hatchery,  South Africa – 148.8 chicks a breeder to 60 weeks
  • Quantum Foods, South Africa – 144.61 chicks a breeder to 60 weeks
  • KZN Breeders, South Africa – 142.81 chicks a breeder to 60 weeks


  • Zwethau Farm, Wimex, Germany – average hatch of 90.7%
  • Falkenhain Farm, Wimex, Germany – average hatch of of 90.06%

Broiler performance

  • Hook2Sisters, Wickham Skeith farm, UK – age 34.5 days, liveweight 2.21kg, feed conversion 1.52
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