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Tips on rodent control for broiler farmers

Controlling vermin populations on broiler units is an integral facet of farm management, but the efforts applied by producers are often found to be ineffective. Rat populations can escalate quickly and…

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Outlook 2017: Can rising demand sustain poultry prices?

Many farmers have entered the egg production sector over the past few years because of strong demand. However, egg prices will need to remain robust in 2017 or margins will come…


Pret A Manger commits to slow-growing broilers

Pret A Manger has become the first cafe chain in the US to commit to improvements for the welfare of chickens raised for its food operations. The company, which has 70 stores in…


BPC appoints chief executive

The British Poultry Council (BPC) has appointed Richard Griffiths as its chief executive. Mr Griffiths, has worked for the BPC for 11 years and has been promoted from his former…


Egg and Poultry Industry Conference looks 'back to the future'

Back to the Future is the name given to the afternoon session of the upcoming Egg and Poultry Industry Conference (Epic), which this year is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To…

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Trial explores feeding live insects to broilers

Researchers in the Netherlands are looking at how the inclusion of insect larvae may improve the diet and enrich the environment of commercial poultry. A small-scale trial, which began on…

US poultry sector strikes back at welfare abuse claims

One of America’s top three poultrymeat producers, Perdue Farms, has launched a new website to help consumers better understand indoor chicken production. The move follows a spate of bad publicity…


Video: Highs and lows of a rookie broiler farmer

“A real learning curve” is how Harry Shepherd describes his first months as a broiler farmer, pointing to disease challenges and equipment issues that have all added to the mix.…

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