Carbon footprint initiative to report its findings at Pig and Poultry Fair

Details of an exciting new initiative to identify the carbon footprint of meat products, from raw materials through the feed mills, farming systems and processing chains to supermarket shelves, will be revealed at the British Pig & Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh Park.

Fair partner, Associated British Nutrition (ABN) is to reveal the findings of the initiative at a press briefing on the first day of the event (13 May).

“We are working throughout the supply chain to develop an innovative model that will help the industry measure the carbon efficiency of various production systems, said ABN director of business solutions, Simon Heath. “This will potentially enable us to build an environmentally sound product category to meet future consumer demands,”

“Working in partnership with producers, processors and Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University, we are developing the carbon footprint concept beyond merely identifying the number of kg of carbon produced per kg of meat to a viable system and process that will allow monitoring and continuous improvement programmes to drive the carbon efficiency of farms and the food supply chain.

“As importantly as the process itself, we are also conscious that any output from the project has to be in a format that consumers will be able to recognise and understand,” said Mr Heath.

“It is a very complex project involving long-term commitment from our entire supply chain, so we have discussed our aims at great length with several retailers, as well as producers and processors. And they are all keen to see the idea developed further.

“We have now reached a stage where we can reveal our initial findings and David Oglethorpe, of the Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University, who has headed this project, will be at the Fair to explain what we are doing,” said Mr Heath.

ABN believes this ground-breaking work is a vital part of its commitment to unite the food supply chain and help the industry work together to adapt to new demands and create a differentiated product based on knowledge, partnership and innovation.