Carp lake used to heat poultry sheds

A carp fishing lake has become an unlikely source of warmth for a poultry farm in Shropshire, believed to be the first installation of its type in the UK.

The system will use a water source heat pump to draw residual warmth from the lake and, according to manufacturer TGE Group, has the potential to reduce heat costs by a third.

Steve Dixon, of poultry business SA & DE Dixon, said the installation would help bring “spiralling” gas costs under control. The system comprises a “bespoke” fan coil heater that’s designed to work with low temperatures required for heat pumps.

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Costing £158,000, the project is eligible for payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. This, along with saving on gas, creates a 22% return on investment, meaning a five-year payback has been calculated. TGE Group said the system would save £1m over its 20-year lifespan.

Matthew Evans, a director at TGE Group, added that the system could be adapted to different bodies of water, such as canals or rivers. “Steve Dixon’s lake proved ideal for the purpose, although as the lake is used for commercial angling, we had to ensure the lake temperature is monitored so as not to affect the habitat of the carp.”

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