Chicken found down gambling shop loo


toilet chickenWe all know that chickens are resilient – well, apart from the ones that drop down dead for no apparent reason.

The Forager was therefore heartened by this story from the RSPCA of an Aseel hen (originally from Pakistan), which was found stranded down the toilet of a South London gaming shop.

Apparently staff at the 24-hour gambling emporium, Cashinos (brilliant!), were “stunned” when they discovered the bird. She had evidently found her way into the bowl in search of water, having been on the run for several days.

RSPCA rescuers initially named her Armitage, after the make of toilet. But new owner Mia Fernyhough, who works for the RSPCA, has found an even more appropriate name – Loo-Loo.

Normally the Forager would seize this opportunity for a host of toilet-related puns and jokes – “chicken on the loo-se”,  “lifting the lid on chicken escapologist”, “fowl-in the water”, that sort of thing.

But that would be disingenuous. Hats off to Loo-Loo.