Chickens model latest in “must have” fashion


The Forager has often been amused by the length people go to dressing up their pets.

Social media is full of postings of dogs masquerading as superheroes, or cats in Father Christmas costumes.

Chickens are fair game too, it seems, and the Forager has reported in the past about hi-vis jackets for chooks living near busy roads, and even nappies for so-called “house chickens”.

chicken sweaters

So the Forager was far from surprised to see a news item in the Metro about a woman in Cornwall who has been knitting tank-tops for her rescue hens.

So far she has made about 150 of them and, according to the Metro, she likes to colour match the jumpers to the chicken’s natural plumage.

There can be no denying the dedication to hen welfare, though given recent weather events, one can’t help thinking they would be better off with a nice set of waterproofs.