Climate Change Levy reduction targets announced

Changes are being introduced to Climate Change Levy (CCL) discounts at the end of March that mean higher rebates will be available at lower targets for pig and poultry businesses.

The CCL is a 5-7% charge added to energy bills. A discount of up to 90% is available to businesses that commit to a targeted reduction in their energy use over a fixed period.

The NFU alongside the Farm Energy Centre (FEC) has negotiated new reduction targets at 22.7% for pig and 17.9% for poultry businesses over a 10-year period. The savings will need to be made between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2023.

Targets for the previous 10 years were 28% for pigs and 37% for poultry. Improvements are assessed on the basis of energy used on per unit of production.

For an annual fee, businesses can sign up for administration support and expert guidance from the FEC, which operates the scheme on behalf of the NFU.

Chris Plackett, of the FEC said a business would need to submit one full year of energy data, as well as their pig or poultry output, but this can be from any year as far back as 2008. “Any energy savings between now and then are already in the bag,” he added.

He said that the typical savings in the pig and poultry sector would be around £1,900 a year. This was a combination of the levy rebate and reduced energy costs as a result of lower energy use.

“Obviously, the bigger the farm and the higher the energy use, the more the savings will be.

“Anyone interested in joining should get on it now,” he told Farmers Weekly. “Signing up before April means that businesses will make the most of the savings available.”

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