Copas to grow chickens for Easter

Traditional Christmas turkey producer, Tom Copas, is rearing a second flock of free-range chickens, this time aiming for the Easter market.

Last October, the firm launched its “very, very special chicken”, with 2,000 Ross 308s put down for the Christmas market.

Grown to the same standards as its turkeys, the birds were slow grown in ploytunnels to enhance flavour and to allow a covering of fat to develop, so the birds are self-basting.

“Traditionally game hung and hand finished, the Copas chicken has a superior depth of flavour,” said a statement. “The flock is free to roam the fields of the Copas family farm, where they indulge in a natural cereal-based diet supplemented with extra vegetables from a local vegetable producer.”

The latest flock of 500 birds will be kept for more than 12 weeks, and will weigh 2.5-3.5kg at slaughter. Each chicken will be individually boxed, complete with clear cooking instructions, recipe ideas for leftovers, a pop-up timer and a sprig of herbs.

They are expected to retail at £20-25 a bird.

See our video from the farm.

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