Dioxin scare in German eggs

EGGS CONTAINING the cancer-causing chemical dioxin have been found in several German states, the BBC reports.

The chemical was found in free-range eggs.

The reason for the contamination was that hens had been roaming on land contaminated with the chemical.

This has led to concern among German consumers that organic eggs are more likely to be contaminated than non-organic eggs, according to the BBC.

The German government has called for higher environmental standards on farms.

The German Agriculture Minister Renate Kuenast has called for tighter controls on free-range eggs.

“We need to ensure that dioxin levels are reduced and that it vanishes from our environment,” she told the Berliner Zeitung

Thomas Isenberg of the National Association of Consumer Advice Centres has called for all eggs with high dioxin levels to be removed from the market.

But he stressed that there is no need to panic.

“Keep on eating your eggs for breakfast, there is no acute danger to health,” he told the Dutch newspaper Expatica.

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