Double-barrelled chicken foxes the vets

I’ve heard of a double yolker, but a double-venter?

Yep, that’s what a poultry supplier in East Sussex has discovered in one of her hybrid layers.

double venter compressed.JPGPaula Miller, who helps run Martins Wood Farm near Lewes, said she first discovered the abnormality when they segregated the blue haze hybrid on account of her “mucky rear end”.

But on closer inspection it emerged that this was the result of having an extra orifice – freaky!

chicken vents compressed.JPGWe are informed that the chook is in full lay – the question is “how full?”

Are both vents active, or just one? And if it’s both, do they have separate functions to fulfil?

If anyone has come across anything similar, then we’d love to hear about it…..