Early start for wheat bulb fly

PREPARE TO treat crops for wheat bulb fly as relatively mild winter conditions have prompted early egg hatch, Dow AgroSciences has warned growers.

Despite the recent cold snap, eggs are likely to continue hatching in many areas, said the firm‘s David Roberts.

Results from five trial plots in eastern England show that average egg hatch has already reached 15% and is above 20% on some mineral soils in Suffolk and North Yorkshire, he said.

“I wouldn‘t anticipate the recent cold spell will hold up egg hatch,” he said.

Wheat bulb fly hatch occurs when soil temperatures reach over 3°C and growers in high risk areas, with late drilled, backward wheat crops should be particularly prepared, he explained.

Mr Roberts recommended using Dursban WG (chlorpyrifos) at 1kg/ha, providing soil conditions are above 5°C.

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