Eggs that benefit your bank account

Shopper opens box of eggs to find it contains GBP 5 and 'Happy New Year' note, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Britain - 10 Jan 2014

We all know that eggs are good for you.

But one shopper in Portsmouth has even benefited financially from her latest trip to the egg counter in Tesco, discovering a £5 note hidden in the box.

And alongside the cash was a goodwill note which read: “Happy New Year. May it be full of health, peace and prosperity.”

Mother of two, Lauren Scouse, said she was “stunned” by the discovery. While she felt “really bad” for taking the cash, she added that she appreciated the “random, but kind” gesture.

Quite where the money came from remains a mystery. Staff at the Tesco store said they knew nothing about it. Could it be that one of the packers had a charitable moment?


Pic from Solent News/Rex Features