Eggs and Kevin Bacon

Here in the UK we’re relatively blessed when it comes to celebrities endorsing eggs, these days at least.

In the last two years ex-Coronation actress Michelle Keegan and The Only Way in Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh have both been recruited to promote the humble egg. We have been sending out copies of Poultry World ever since their appointment.

Kevin Bacon pictured in egg advert

But the Americans have gone one step further. They have recruited the one celebrity that is connected to all others – Kevin Bacon.

Let’s take a minute here to cover the Bacon Number – the reason Kevin sits at the centre of the celebrity world – for the uninitiated. Search for the “Oracle of Bacon” website. You will find a website parlour game in which the objective is to link Kevin Bacon in fewer than six degrees of separation.

For example, Michelle Keegan gets a Bacon Number of 2 for attending The British Soap Awards with John Culshaw, who appeared with Kevin Bacon in the TV drama Live Earth.

Lucy Mecklenburgh gets a Bacon Number of 3.

Michelle Keegan

was in

The British Soap Awards 2009 (2009) (TV)


Jon Culshaw

was in

Live Earth (2007) (TV)


Kevin Bacon

Anyway, back to eggs. Kevin was recruited by the American Egg Board to complete the breakfast set of eggs and bacon.  Here’s the brilliant video in full.