February’s Poultry World highlights

As well as the usual news and business reports, this month Poultry World‘s technical focus is on bird health and welfare.

We lead with the latest prospects report from the EU Commission. It found poultrymeat to be the only meat category set to grow over the next decade. But, as other stories show, these bright prospects have some challenges – campylobacter and antibiotics use among them.

Also, in this month’s issue, details of larger discounts available on climate change levy charges, an obituary for friend of the poultry sector Prof Sir Colin Spedding, why free range may not necessarily be higher welfare and post-mortem reports on seasonal bird sales.

We also profile NFU Cymru Poultry Board chairman Clare Morgan and a New Zealand business that claims to have the best feed conversion ratio in the world. This month, Pure Breeds reports on the Scottish National.

Our technical features focus on health and welfare. Poultry World looks into the benefits of broiler shed enrichments, a report on emerging alternatives to traditional red mite treatments and a guide to tackling the bug. We also examine the fight against infectious bronchitis in broilers and layers and how early vaccination can boost immunity against other diseases.

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