Fire ravaged farm shop reopens from cattle box

A well-known farm shop selling fresh eggs and poultry equipment in the north of England has been reborn following a devastating fire, albeit temporarily from the back of a cattle box.

Hinchliffe’s Farm Shop in Huddersfield was destroyed by fire in July along with the neighbouring Old Farmhouse Restaurant. But a temporary replacement, hastily set up on the old site, is now supplying customers with fresh food once again.

“People are travelling for miles to buy from our improvised farm shop,” said Simon Hirst, grandson of the business’s founder. “I cannot thank our customers enough. Everybody has rallied round.”

Hinchliffe’s is the biggest independent pullet rearer in the north, with up to one million commercial hens reared on 12 farms. Customers to the farm shop can also buy all the equipment they needed to raise their own chickens, including coops and feed. Mr Hirst said he had worked with local planning officers to make sure everything was approved before they started their temporary operation, and has set up a plan to restore everything to normal quickly.

“We’re back in business,” he said. “It’s amazing what you can do with an empty cattle box and a lot of determination.”