Five chicken-related videos you can’t afford to miss

If you have ever sought proof that poultry mixes with culture like bread and butter, then here it is. Poultry World’s mascot, Gunter (pictured) has spent a lifetime trawling the web for the best chicken videos on offer.

5. Techno chicken rules the roost

This is definitely one for clearing out clubs at closing time.

Play at: Illegal raves

Don’t play at: Weddings

4. Mercedes Benz stability control

This is a smooth demonstration of the dexterity of a hen’s neck.

Top tip: Does work not on real hens. Sorry

3. Jaguar’s reposte

Not to be beaten, here’s rival car firm Jaguar’s response to the Mercedes ad.

Don’t ask: Were any animals harmed in the making of this?

2. LG “steadichicken”

Electronics manufacturer takes the “steady chicken head” concept to its logical conclusion.

Don’t ask: The same question as video three.

1. The Local Egg Man

It’s our favourite, but there will always be something, either being edited as we speak, or just an idea. Prestatyn’s Free Range Egg man giving his views on colony versus free range. What it lacks in production values it more than makes up in heart.

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