Food giant 2 Sisters opens £1m testing lab

Food Standards Agency chief executive Catherine Brown has officially opened a new £1m food safety laboratory for food manufacturer 2 Sisters Food Group.

The laboratory, based at Nottingham’s BioCity Laurus site, will test up to 16,000 samples a week, covering a wide variety of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products from 2 Sisters manufacturing sites all over the UK.

Each product made by 2 Sisters has a microbiological specification, determined by customer requirement or law, and scientists at the BioCity labs will make sure the samples match up.

Some samples will be placed in automated machinery for scanning for the relevant bacteria, while others will be placed in agar to see what grows. The results will then be fed back remotely to the originating factory.

“This facility underlines our total commitment to producing world-class food products,” said 2 Sisters Food Group chief executive Ranjit Singh. “We have invested a substantial sum in this lab and, as our business grows, there will be an increasing need to ensure quality and safety go hand-in-hand.”

Ms Brown said food safety was of paramount importance to any food business. “I am very impressed by the energy and commitment 2 Sisters Food Group has shown by developing and building this state-of-the-art facility.”

The new labs have created 20 new jobs and there is room to grow by taking on new microbiologists.

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