Freedom Food urges rejection of value eggs

Freedom Food is stepping up its campaign to encourage consumers to switch from cage egg to free-range egg with a new online animation.

The cartoon features a small boy called James who is dispatched by his mother in the supermarket to go in search of eggs. As he reaches for a pack of value eggs, he is confronted by Hettie the Hen who reprimands him and then persuades him that free-range eggs with the Freedom Food logo are better.

The one-minute cartoon, which can be accessed via the Freedom Food website, is designed to “show consumers the importance of selecting eggs from hens that have not been reared in cages”, says the welfare organisation.

The animation has also attracted interest from a range of organisations, including Sainsbury’s, Hamleys, the National Trust and the RSPCA, who have pledged to post it on their social media outlets.

“Sainsbury’s alone have over 180,000 followers on facebook and we will also be putting up links on our popular Simply Ask facebook site,” said Freedom Food marketing manager, Liam Kurzeja. “We are expecting it will generate considerable interest.”

Celebrity chefs Antony Worrall Thompson and Paul Merrett have also pledged to tweet the link to their followers.

Earlier in October Freedom Food launched a new Look For The Logo campaign to help consumers differentiate between its standards and those of other welfare schemes.

* To see the cartoon and read what the Feathered Forager makes of it, follow this link

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