Fridays joins Lion products scheme

Kent egg producer Fridays has joined the British Lion Egg Products scheme, which means that seven of Britain’s largest suppliers are now fully-certified producers of British Lion Quality egg products.

Fridays has been part of the Lion shell egg scheme since it was launched in 1998 and has now also taken the step to commit to the Lion for the products it produces.

“This was a logical step for us,” said marketing manager David Friday. “We are very committed to the Lion and have seen increasing interest and demand for the Lion on our products, which we already have for our shell eggs.”

Fridays is the country’s third-largest egg producer/packer and also has a significant chilled products division. This involves the manufacture of sandwich fillings, salads, pastas, soups, dips and boiled eggs, and accounts for 25% of company turnover.

Chairman of British Lion Egg Processors, Clive Frampton, said the majority of the UK’s egg products processors were now Lion accredited, reflecting healthy customer demand for Lion egg products.

“The food manufacturing industry wants top-quality British ingredients and has recognised the distinct food safety and consumer benefits of Lion.”

Fridays joins processors Bumble Hole, D Wise, Framptons, Lowrie Foods, Noble Foods and Ready Egg Products as companies certified to produce Lion egg products.

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