From LA to New York, chickens take flight

Statue-of-Liberty-in-New-York-City-United-States-485x728 We all know they do things bigger, if not necessarily better in the USA.

But the Forager was still impressed with this tale from across the pond of a re-homing project for spent hens. Apparently, some 1,150 birds from a battery farm in California have been flown to New York, prior to being sent on to a number of east coast sanctuaries.

According to the report in The Guardian, one anonymous donor coughed up $50,000 to charter a private jet to fly out the birds, after commercial airlines refused the consignment. An employee from a Michigan-based sanctuary then drove eight hours to New York just to pick up 100 of the hens.

“If you meet a chicken, they have unique personalities – like dogs and cats,” said a spokeswoman for welfare group Animal Sanctuary, which organised the airlift. “We think they deserve the same compassion and respect we give to dogs and cats. I promise we’re not crazy.”

We’ll be the judge of that….